When I decided to start my technical blog, I used the open source WordPress to host my blog site. This was hosted in the URL http://www.sandeepnakarmi.com.np/. I took one of the WordPress themes and customized it myself, and applied it to my blog.

As I sorted out my new SharePoint site (https://sbnakarmi-public.sharepoint.com/), I then decided to work on migrating my blog to SharePoint. Well, as I had SharePoint development knowledge, and also the fact that I had worked on SharePoint Migration tool for about 3 years, I decided to write a tool myself to migrate my WordPress blog. So, I wrote a small migration tool to achieve this.

This is how to tool looks.

The process I followed was:

  1. Exported the WordPress Blog into XML. You can do this from Tools section which will export the entire blog as an XML.

  1. Import the downloaded XML file into the tool. The tool will parse the xml and show all posts along with its comments, tags, categories etc.

  1. Load the target SharePoint site in the tool. Migrate the blog/blog posts using drag drop from left pane to the right.


  1. This will create the blog posts to target along with the necessary comments and categories.




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