1. Features and functionalities that have been deprecated or changed in SharePoint 2013 

    • Visual Upgrade

      Visual upgrade feature in SharePoint Server 2010 is not available in SharePoint 2013. This feature has been replaced with deferred site collection upgrade which is more comprehensive upgrade process than visual upgrade. While visual upgrade preserved only the master pages, CSS files, and HTML files, deferred site collection upgrade preserves much more including SPFeature functionality. Deferred site collection upgrade is not a reversible process.

    • Document Workspace site template

Document Workspace site template is no longer available in SharePoint 2013 mode. Collaborating on a document can now be achieved using Team Site site templates.

  • Personalization Site site template

Personalization Site site template is no longer available in SharePoint 2013 mode. It was removed as Microsoft claimed it was not a widely used template.

  • Meeting Workspace site templates

All five meeting workspace templates (Basic Meeting Workspace, Blank Meeting Workspace, Decision Meeting Workspace, Social Meeting Workspace, and Multipage Meeting Workspace) are now no longer available in SharePoint 2013 mode. SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013 provide features that support meetings and collaboration. For e.g. Lycn can be used to conduct meetings, OneNote to take meetings notes, and SharePoint team site/My Site to store shared meeting notes.

  • Group Work site template and Group Work solution

Group Work site template is no longer available in SharePoint 2013 mode as it was not widely used template, as claimed by Mcirosoft.

  • Visio Process Repository site template (will be removed in next major version of SharePoint)

Visio Process Repository site template is currently available in SharePoint 2013 mode but will be removed in the next major version as it is not widely used template.

  • Imaging Web Service (will be removed in next major version of SharePoint)

Imaging Web Service is not a widely used web service and will be removed in next version of SharePoint. It is currently available in SharePoint 2013.

  • Excel Services – Can't edit workbooks in the browser that have external data connections.

As a design limitation, workbooks with external data connections that use windows authentication cannot be refreshed in the browser.

  • Web Analytics in SharePoint Server 2010

Web Analytics is no longer available in SharePoint 2013. Analytics processing for SharePoint 2013 is now a component of the Search Service. The Analytics processing component in SharePoint 2013 runs analytics jobs to analyze content in the search index and user actions that are performed on SharePoint sites.

  • Organization Profiles.

The Organization profiles feature is deprecated in SharePoint 2013. SharePoint features related to identities continue to evolve around the core concepts of users and groups, and SharePoint will not be investigating further in OrgID. 

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For a detailed explanation on each of the deprecated and/or changed feature please visit the official Microsoft statement

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