Importing Adventure Works sample database into your SQL environment can come in real handy when you need some sample data to demo some of the SharePoint BI capabilities. I used Adventure Works SSAS cube sample data to create interactive analytic charts and reports using Performance Point Services and users were ecstatic when they saw what BI capabilities SharePoint can provide.

I drafted this post just to show you how easily you can import the database into your SQL 2012 environment.



1) Download the Adventure Works DW 2012 and attach it to your SQL instance.

2) Download the Analysis Services Project and open the project in visual studio / Business Intelligence Development studio. As the project was built on previous version of studio, you will need to upgrade it to new solution but that would be smooth as well.

3) Open the upgraded project

4) Make sure the user has been granted db_reader and db_writer permissions on Adventure Works DW database imported in step 1.

5) Right click Adventure Works data source file, select Open and then Edit connection. Choose connection provider and select the imported AdventureWorksDW database. Make sure to test the connection.

6) Right click Project -> Go to Properties -> Select Deployment. Configure the Server and Database parameters to point to correct database.

7) Right click the solution and click Deploy. This will deploy the analysis services cubes into your 2012 environment.

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